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Mill Creek Fire Company and Ladies Auxiliary Celebrate 90 Years

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Saturday May 13, 2017 - The Mill Creek Fire Company and Ladies Auxiliary celebrated 90 years of serving the community.   During the event the Ladies Auxiliary presented a check for $100,000 that was raised for the company by the ladies.   Fund raisers such as bingo, basket bingo, quarter auction, etc. were held and conducted by the ladies in order to raise the money.   

Mill Creek Fire Company was organized on January 6, 1927.   The following is an excerpt from the original organization meeting minutes on this date -

“A meeting of the organizers of the Mill Creek Fire Company was held in the social room of the M.E. Church at Marshallton Delaware, on the above date.  C. J, Morgan presiding at the request of the organizers.

The meeting was open with prayer by the Rev Tillghman Smith, the presiding office then addressed the meeting, stating the purpose of the call at this time was to form an organization to be known as the Mill Creek Fire Company, to be located in Marshallton, DEL.  After several of those present had expressed their views a motion was made seconded and passed to nominate and elect officers to serve for one year.  To complete organization and conduct the business of Mill Creek Fire Company.

With power to issue and receive applications of membership and elect new members of the Mill Creek Fire Company.  Collect proposal fees, dues and all other monies, deposit all monies and pay all obligations by check signed by proper officer.

The following men were nominated and elected , President C.  Julian Morgan, Vice President Howard J. Davis, Corner Ketch, Secretary Frank Cooper, Milltown, Treasurer Walter Hubert, Marshallton

A motion was made and passed to have all business conducted by a board of directors, to be composed of the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer and eight others to be selected from various parts of Mill Creek Hundred to serve for one year.  The following were (were) nominated and elected Heisier B. Chambers, Mermaid, E.W. Brittingham, Marshallton, E.R. Hawks, Brackenville, the other five to be elected at a future date.

On motion of Walter Hubert, the Rev Tillghman Smith was nominated and elected Chaplain of the company.

On motion of the president The Delaware Trust Company, Wilmington, DEL was selected as depository bank for the Mill Creek Fire Company, all checks drawn on the company to be signed by at least two officers, the regular signers to be the president and treasurer and in their absence by Vice president and secretary.

A motion was made and passed for the directors to meet each week on Thursday night, or on call of the president, the meeting place to be Hubert’s store, Marshallton and the adjourn to the residence of some member to conduct business at hand.

A motion was then made to adjourn, the next meeting to be at call of the board of directors.”

In March of 1927 the following original meeting minutes were recorded -

“Some discussion took place regarding the color of the new apparatus.  After several color schemes were suggested a vote was taken, green having the largest number of votes which resulted in a motion by Mr. Stubbles and seconded by Mr. Pierce that the paint color of the apparatus be ordered green”

The fire company was incorporated on May 2, 1927.



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