Mill Creek Fire Company - Delaware


A Postcard of Our First Apparatus in Front of Our First Station
The Mill Creek firemen were first organized on January 6,1927 in the social room of the Marshallton Methodist Episcopal Church. After primary organizational work was finalized, the first officers to be elected were C. J. Morgan as President; Harvey Davis as Vice President; F. L. Cooper as Secretary and Walter Hubert as Treasurer. In February of the same year, an order was placed with the U. S. Fire Apparatus Company of Wilmington for a chemical engine which was delivered in June. Temporary housing for the new fire engine was erected on ground loaned by Walter Hubert for a period of two years. In December of 1928 a committee composed of F. L. Cooper, C. J. Morgan, I. N. Morrison and Walter Hubert was appointed to secure a site for a new building. They purchased the post office building in Marshallton, situated on a lot which measured 125 feet by 170 feet. In addition to the post office building there was also a hall which was rented for community functions.

A new firehouse was erected with space for two pieces of equipment and a recreation room. The adjoining lot was used for the annual carnival and parking space. In the recreation room was a billiard table, card tables, piano, comfortable chairs and reading material. The company also operated their own store for the convenience of the members and served soft drinks, candies, tobacco and other small items which gave the firemen another source of revenue.

Retired Ladder 21-7 attending the Thanksgiving Parade in Wilmington in the 1980s
They also had modern lavatories, showers and central heating. The building was made possible by the voluntary work of the membership in its construction. Various members contributed liberally of their time and talents so that the firemen could have a building which would have been financially impossible otherwise. Original drawings were presented by Scott V. Norris and he was assisted in the construction by firemen skilled in the building trades such as Wilmer Doughten, bricklayer; Ruben S. Brown, general contractor; Charles Davis, pipe work and George Tweed, plastering. Their colors of green and gold on all fire equipment were taken from the beautiful scenery and countryside that surrounded their fire station. The Green Dragon emblem on all the trucks was started because one of their early green trucks was said to look like a big green dragon puffing up a hill to a fire. Mill Creek and Cranston Heights Fire Companies initiated the daytime dual response alarm system.

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